Xfit Sant Gervasi.

XFit Sant Gervasi arises from the ArenaSport gym after the total renovation that took place in the center in 2017. And it is considered one of the most emblematic gyms in the district / neighborhood of Sant Gervasi and adjacent to Gracia.

In XFit Sant Gervasi we know how important it is to take care of the body and exercise to maintain a good level of healthy living to achieve physical and mental well-being to face life.

Dedicating part of our day to sport helps us to purify the body, and is a source of distraction from the problems and stress that generates the day to day.

That's why, XFit Sant Gervasi offers all its members the best facilities and services at their disposal to be able to do sport and exercise in a comfortable and pleasant way and in a close and familiar environment.

In XFit Sant Gervasi we have been in Barcelona for almost 28 years in the sports sector and gyms in particular, and we put all that experience at the service of everyone who wants to practice sport. So much is our commitment that it has become part of the chain of gyms XFit, in which the concept of familiar and close treatment for a greater and better experience with the exercise.